Procedures & Polices
What happens..when you send us your Bowl, Whip, or Rack ??
  1. Every item received is recorded on a receiving ticket and a numbered metal seal is attached (when possible) to insure the same items are returned to you. We then compare your packing list to ours.
  2. Each item is inspected, minor repairs are made & small dents are removed as needed.
  3. Special repairs (at additional cost) are made after your approval.
  4. Each item is expertly cleaned to remove rust, scale, etc.

  5. Re-Tinning Items
    Grade A "Virgin" tin applied by Hot-Dip Method with performance equal to new.

    Chemical rinse & Inspect
    Re-Wire Whips
    New Stainless Spring Steel wires are sized and installed equal to new.

    Hub glass bead blasted
    Powder Coating
    Chemical cleaned, dried, & pre-heated.

    Highest quality powder applied & Oven Cured.
  6. Final inspection, repackaging, and return shipped using the lowest cost freight.
  7. Turn around time is 15-20 working days from receipt of order.

OPERATING POLICY - We acknowledge that you could have sent your business elsewhere, so we truly appreciate your trust. It is our policy, therefore, to accept your trust of us with the Commitment of Fair Treatment, High Quality Workmanship, and Fast Service. Your repeat business is our goal. We believe that demands a good business relationship between us, with each order received. If there are any components of our relationship that have not met your expectations, please bring it to our attention to be solved or resolved. Thank you for choosing The Metal Coating Company.

FAST SERVICE: - Most orders are reshipped within 15 WORKING DAYS after received. Orders requiring repairs or special processes normally take 3-5 additional work-days. Faster service may be available upon request. Please contact us with you special requirement.

PRICES - All pricing is F.O.B. our dock at Lima, Ohio. All prices subject to change.

SALES TAX: - All customers are required to pay Ohio Sales Tax unless you provide us the proper tax-exemption forms that have been properly completed. Shipments from another state and returned, both using interstate shipping, would normally not be taxable or require a tax-exemption unless you operate a facility or operations within the State of Ohio.

LIMITED GUARANTEE - Metal Coating Co. guarantees its Hot-Dip Tinning against cracking, peeling, or flaking. Proper maintenance and adjustments to your equipment and careful treatment of the tinned surface will ensure a long lasting coating. We do not guarantee any item that shows undue use, misuse, or abrasions. Please refer to "Proper Care of a tinned surface" listed separately.

RETURNS & ADJUSTMENTS - All returns for reworking and/or adjustments must receive prior approval. We will do everything possible to solve any problems that may occur, regardless of fault.

PRE-PAYMENT OF ORDERS:- It is our normal practice to request prepayment for all orders before return shipment. Check, Cash in advance, or an approved VISA or MasterCard is accepted. Orders paid with a check will be held until the check has been cleared. Bad, NSF, or Returned checks will be assessed a $37 fee to the held order.

C.O.D. Shipments: - All orders not prepaid, and without "credit" may be shipped "C.O.D., CASH ONLY". Additional COD fees charged by the shipping agent will be added to the order balance. Any items returned by the shipping agent for lack of proper payment will be held for prepayment only, with the additional return shipping costs added to the order balance.

CREDIT: - Credit is only available to those customers that have exhibited a pattern of consistent monthly orders with good communication relations. A completed, approved credit application, is required before limited, "open- credit status" can be offered. Past due invoices are subject to a 2% per month (24%) service charge. Any customer having a past due account is subject to a "hold shipment order" for any in house order until the account is current.

INCOMING SHIPMENTS - Please include a packing list that include:
1. Your Name (Company)
2. Contact Name and Phone #
3. Re-Shipping and Billing addresses and instructions.
4. Quantity and description of all items sent. A return address label is NOT SUFFICIENT and may cause your order to be held up. In most cases, mixing bowls may be shipped WITHOUT BOX by taping shipping label to the outside and a packing list to the inside. Heavy shipments can be sent "Motor Freight", and must be "Pre-Paid".
NOTE: A $25 charge will be added for any "Freight Collect" shipments.

OUTGOING SHIPMENTS - Once your order has been processed, the items will be boxed and reshipped by U.P.S. when possible. Return shipping charges, special packaging, and supplied boxes are additional costs not included in the prices listed or supplied unless specifically noted in writing. For any other information of questions about our prices, policies, and services please contact:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-274-3417

Any information collected will be used solely by J.M. Hamilton Group, Inc. and its divisions, Metal Coating Company and Lima Powder Coating to follow through on your request for additional information. J.M. Hamilton Group, Inc. and its divisions, Metal Coating Company and Lima Powder Coating will maintain such information in confidence and does not sell contact information to third parties.